Copyright Register

Copyright Register © 

The register of intellectual property and trade marks

It is an offence to use any copyrighted property without licensed written consent. All copyrights on this register are intended to be legally binding and valid in all territories (sovereign or otherwise) for no less than 70 years after the death of the current owner. 

©Copyright RegisterThe Copyright Register time stamps and validates that your idea is your own and unique. The Copyright Register provides a digitally secure certificate and file that is readily available online to provide evidence of who invented/created what, when and to whom the rights now belong.


To submit intellectual property or trade marks to the register, your works must first be verified as unique and your own by the Copyright Register.


Once a request form has been submitted one of our advisers will be in touch to qualify the relevant details. provides a time stamp and proof of originality as well as evidence as to when and by whom any ideas, inventions or creations were perceived.


Formal submission of legal filing with the governments of each individual country is a separate service and an additional cost. If you require government registration please specify this on your application form.